About Us

Bay Area Professional Woman’s Network (BAPWN), established in 2004 by Founder and President Jasara Navarro, in San Francisco, California. Now residing in Oakland, California Jasara is ready to re-launch BAPWN better then ever!

BAPWN started with a group girlfriends located throughout the Bay Area for dinner once a month at rotating locations throughout the Bay Area. After the first event, the group of girls recruited their friends and their friends recruited their friends and so on. By the fifth event, the average attendance for BAPWN events was 60 professional women throughout the Bay Area.

The concept was easy and fun. BAPWN is not your average networking event. Our target audience is professional women ages 25 to 60 from any location within the Bay Area and from all ethnicities and professional fields. As women, it is important for us to network with other professional woman throughout our industries as we deal heavily with consistent competition and challenges in our lives.

BAPWN have also donated and partnered with local organizations as Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, The Sunshine Kids, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.  BAPWN holds events in rotating venues throughout the Bay Area to promote local business. If you are a venue or an organization that would like to work with BAPWN please feel free to email us with a brief paragraph explaining your business, why your business is a good fit for BAPWN, including your contact details and you will be contact about event logistics.

 Thank you for being apart of BAPWN. We look forward to working with you!